Xbox Series X


As all console announcements go, Sony and Microsoft announce theirs around the same time. While Sony is set to release their PS5, Microsoft is ready to release the new Xbox Series X.

This console is much more powerful than the previous generation, and features quite a few upgrades that will appeal to gamers everywhere. One of the things that this console improved upon over previous generations is the airflow.

While it’s not that exciting to hear about, older consoles faced the issue of possibly overheating if left on for too long. The Series X has improved its design so that overheating is an issue of the past, ensuring that your console will last longer than ever before.

In terms of the more interesting stuff, the Xbox Series X is a powerful console. It has 12 teraflops of processing power, which essentially means that it will be able to handle far more demanding games and complex processes than ever before.

This translates into better looking games, faster running games, and smooth framerates. It outputs true 4K resolution for its games, meaning that it’ll be crisp and clean on even the largest, newest TVs.

If you have a rare 8K TV, the Series X does support that as well, so you’re going to be able to run your favorite games at some very high resolutions. Even with these high resolutions, the console still runs at up to 120 frames per second, ensuring that it’ll be smooth instead of choppy.

Something that might be confusing for shoppers is the name. Previously, there was the Xbox One, and it had an enhanced edition released called the Xbox One X. This is an entirely different console than the Xbox Series X, so you need to be sure you’re getting the right one if you’re buying it as a gift for someone.

Otherwise, you might give them the system that they already own. The Series X has a unique system in which it has a development kit available to game developers to make games specifically for this system.

Games that do take advantage of this, of which there will be many, will result in a number of great features in their games. For example, games that have been built for the Series X will have faster load times, which means less waiting around.

They’ll have vastly increased visual capabilities, as well as responsiveness, which can be very important in multiplayer games, especially for those that are played competitively.

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