Snap Spectacles 2


One of the most unique and popular social media platforms to come about in the past few years is Snapchat. Snapchat allows users to send and receive videos and pictures to one another as the main form of communication, and users can also post videos and pictures to their stories, which allows all of their friends to view them until the story expires.

Snapchat recently developed a whole new form of wearable technology: the Snap Spectacles. The Spectacles are sunglasses with a camera and microphone mounted on them, which allows you to film a POV video without having to hold your phone out in front of you.

They look like standard sunglasses that you would typically wear, so they don’t stand out too much. To get started, you sync these glasses up with your phone and connect it to your Snapchat app.

Then, you can press the button to capture the next 10 seconds, or double tap it to continuously record. If you hold it down, it takes a singular photo. Whatever you select, it then gets transferred to the app so that you can edit it and finally post it or send it to whoever you want.

You won’t have to worry about the Spectacles being too fragile. They’re designed to be water resistant, meaning if there’s some splashing or even shallow water, they’re going to be fine.

This means recording in the rain or at a pool party is no cause for concern, and they also come with a durable protective case for when you’re not using them. The camera quality is fantastic on these smart glasses.

It records at a 1216×1216 resolution, which is full HD. They also record at 60 frames per second, much smoother and more natural looking than the traditional 30 frames per second.

This makes a lot more sense considering that they’re meant to be POV videos. These glasses have a good battery life, so you won’t have to worry about them dying out on you while you’re trying to record.

They’re charged with an included cable that connects around the left hinge of the frame. They charge fairly quickly so you’ll be able to spend more time recording and less time charging.

If there are things that you want to show off like driving a great car, or doing something adventurous, the Snap Spectacles can help you do that with ease, especially since you don’t want to have a phone taking up one of your hands.

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