Revlon Dryer Brush


Pamper someone you love this holiday season with the Revlon Dryer Brush. This 1100 watt beauty tool can take the stress out of getting your hair ready as well as shorten the amount of time it takes to have a beautiful style with plenty of volume.

The device has a swivel cord on the end of it and this helps make it easier to maneuver when you’re doing your hair. You won’t be stuck having to hold one position. The dryer brush has an ALCI safety plug feature, which prevents any issues with current flow problems when using the device.

If there’s an issue with your current, it’ll shut it off. The brush is designed in an oval shape and this is what creates the volume most people are looking for. When it’s used, it lifts the hair from the roots.

This volumizing effect can help hair to look full, even if you have thinner hair. At the same time it volumizes, it gives the rest of the hair a sleek look. It can be used to curl or flip the ends of the hair and it can be used on both short and long hairstyles.

The ability of the brush to create great body and give hair a shine lies with the uniquely designed combination bristles. This design is made to create a tangle-free hair drying experience.

Some of the bristles are nylon pin, which is what works to keep the hair from twisting together. At the same time, the tufted bristles are what smooth it out and help give it the shine that makes hair look great.

These bristles are what make it easy to control how you want to use the device to create your hairstyle. This is an all-in-one beauty tool, so the brush doesn’t come off. But that’s a good feature to have since it won’t slip while in use.

The way the brush is designed with the airflow vents shortens drying time while simultaneously drying more hair. The appliance is lightweight at under 2 pounds and designed to comfortably fit your hand, so it’s easy to use.

Since the dryer dries so well, you end up not having the same frizz effect that comes from traditional dryers. Because you won’t use it to dry your hair as long, that means your hair won’t have the same amount of heat damage.

The device uses ceramic technology which allows the hair to retain both moisture and shine. It has three different heat settings to choose from. You can also select the cool feature. For best use with the appliance, you’ll want to make sure your hair is as dry as possible after showering.

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