Redragon S101 Keyboard and Mouse


PC gaming has become more and more popular over the years. It can be cheaper than consoles, or more expensive, but with much better hardware. Of course you probably need a PC for most things like browsing the internet or getting work done.

In order to do most PC gaming, you need a good keyboard and mouse, because some keyboards and mouse bundles aren’t conducive to PC gaming. The Redragon S101 keyboard and mouse combo provides high quality, functional peripherals for PC gaming at a low cost.

They have all of the features that you would want with a high end keyboard and mouse, giving you superior comfort and performance for the games that require it. Starting off with the keyboard, it’s very comfortable.

It has a wrist rest that many keyboards don’t have, which helps alleviate strain on them that you can get over time. Whether you’re typing for long periods of time or just playing games, your wrists can get strained without the rest.

The keyboard has a backlight to it that can be switched between a number of different RGB settings, which lights up the keys’ different colors. It has different settings for the brightness and the color selection, and also has a setting for a breathing mode, where it fades in and out.

While this is mostly cosmetic, it also helps you see the keys properly in the dark. The keys on the keyboard are tactile and responsive, and are shorter than average keys. This means that it’s easier and faster pressing each key, which can actually take some considerable strain off of your fingers, especially if you’re typing for long periods of time.

The mouse is great, as well. It has an adjustable DPI, which essentially affects how fast the cursor moves when you move the mouse. At its lowest, it can go at 800, but it can also go as fast as 3200.

Adjustable DPI is nice because some games might work better with higher or lower DPIs. This mouse also has two additional programmable buttons where your thumb rests, allowing the user to assign them to do things in games or to give them extra functionality in web browsing and work. It also has an adjustable weight setting, which works by taking the weights out of the bottom of the mouse, so you can have it be as heavy or as light as you’d like it to be.

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