Porter-Cable Air Compressor


Anyone who has a shop or works on cars knows that no matter what you’re working on, it can get all dirty and dusty fast. Cutting wood gets sawdust everywhere, and car engine bays are usually pretty dirty on their own.

Having an air compressor on hand makes cleaning up your equipment and workspace fast and easy, and the Porter-Cable air compressor gives you everything you’ll need with a quality accessory kit.

Air compressors work by using a motor to pressurize the air inside of a container, and then the hose and attachments are used to spray the air out at high speeds, blowing away any dust or particulate that’s on the surface.

This can be so helpful for a number of different reasons. First, there’s typical everyday cleaning. Grinding metal and sanding down wood produces a lot of dust, leaving your shop with a layer everywhere you look.

Not only is this unsightly, but it can actually be bad for you breathing it in. By blowing it away and getting it ventilated out of your shop via a fan, it can make the air quality much better, which is important when you’re spending hours at a time in a shop.

When it comes to cars, these air compressors have a few different uses. Under the hood, these can be used to clean gunk and dust off of your engine, which helps a lot with overheating and ensuring clean connections between all of the parts.

It can also be used to quickly inflate tires if they’ve lost some air, but you should be careful not to overinflate. On the car’s interior, this can help considerably. It can blow dirt out of all the hard to reach places, like the far back of the foot wells and the creases all around the interior paneling.

It can also help refresh carpets by fluffing them up and getting unwanted dust out of them. The included accessory kit has plenty of bits that you might need for various work.

It has daily use bits for just blowing air around, and specialized tips for things like inflating tires and even inflating sports balls. It’s lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to store and use on the move. You can carry it around with the built in handle, so it can be used all over the house, the garage, the shop, and more.

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