Ninja Countertop Blender


This Christmas, you can give the people on your list countertop appliances that can help promote good health and are easy to use. The Ninja countertop blender can be used to make concoctions for a large family or for one.

So you can eliminate any single serve blenders that you might already have since this one can do both. The blender has a 72 ounce capacity pitcher, which enables you to make up a large batch of whatever you want and save some for later.

Thanks to the two 16 ounce to-go cups that come with the blender, you can also create drinks that are smaller in size and convenient to take along when you leave home. The blender has an easy to pour design and the tight lid on the cups will keep them from spilling the contents.

Creating a single serve drink is fast, too, if that’s what you want to make. When creating the drink, you’ll just push the single serve button. This is not just for blending drinks, either.

It’s a gadget that has multiple uses. The blender can be used to make your favorite creamy smoothies with or without multiple ingredients and for creating other recipes such as puddings or frozen desserts.

It can also be used to chop up food and even puree it. The machine is powerful enough to grind your favorite nuts into butter or turn coffee beans into a grind. The motor can even handle crushing solid ice in order to make frozen drinks.

The Ninja can also be used to make things like dips or dressings, too. The blender is backed by 1100 watts of power to handle any recipe. This motor works with the Pro Extractor Blades.

The blades are extremely sharp and should be handled carefully. They’re powerful enough to easily and quickly turn food items like vegetables and fruits into smoothies or fruit and vegetable juices.

These blades are removable. The lid locks tightly onto the blender to help prevent it from flying off during usage. If you start to use the blender and notice that there’s a warning signal on the control panel, it means that the lid is not securely fastened.

It works with 3 speeds that are manually controlled. These speeds are shown on the front of the blender and all you have to do is choose from 1 to 3. There’s also a quick pulse button that will activate with just a fingertip.

When you let go of the button, the pulse immediately stops. The amount of noise the blender gives off when in use can vary, depending on what ingredients are in the pitcher. This appliance has dishwasher safe parts.

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