Loowoko Hiking Backpack


If you or someone you know is interested in backpacking and long-distance hiking, then they’re going to need a high-quality, high storage space backpack. Long camping trips require a lot of supplies, from food and tools to large items like tents and sleeping bags.

The Loowoko hiking backpack provides a comfortable bag that has enough space to store everything that you might need and more. The total storage capacity of this backpack is 50 liters, which is quite a lot.

This gives you enough space to store plenty of food, water, medical supplies, tools, clothes, and anything else you might need. It also has additional storage space on the sides for the larger items you’re going to be bringing along.

There are a total of eight straps on the sides of the bag, which are adjustable. These are what you’re going to use to store things like your tent or your sleeping bag when they’re rolled up tight.

This means everything can be kept on one bag while you’re hiking, preventing the need to carry two separate bags over long distances. There are tons of different pockets and compartments, which helps keep things organized.

One of the compartments allows you to store an extra pair of shoes or hiking boots, which can be such a life saver if one of your regular shoes gets a rip or a hole in it. Other pockets can be used to store things like bandages, cell phones, GPS devices, and more.

The bag itself is fairly water resistant in conditions like light rain or splashes of water, but when the rain really starts coming down, you can use the included rain cover to prevent your stuff from getting soaked.

It slips on over the top of the pack and keeps everything inside dry as can be. This backpack is built to be comfortable. It has a waist strap that’s padded, which helps keep the weight from being all on your back.

Some bags don’t have these, and it can really start to strain your back after just a mile or two. It also has a breathable design, keeping airflow circulation consistent while you’re walking, which helps your back stay cool while the pack is pressed against it.

The Loowoko bag is designed to be durable and long lasting, and is made with a polyester material that prevents rips that can be caused by stray branches or sharp rocks. Even being as durable as it is, it only weighs just over 2 pounds, making it very light weight and helping keep your traveling load light.

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