LG BP175 Blu-Ray Player


If you’re going to have a home theatre, you’re definitely going to be watching movies and TV shows on it. If you have everything set up correctly, from the projectors to the speakers, then you can enjoy all of your favorite entertainment in the highest quality possible.

For most movies and TV shows, if you want to be sure you’ll have them forever, you should have them on Blu-Ray or DVD, and of course you’ll need a player for those. The LG BP175 is a great option for a DVD and Blu-Ray player.

Right off the bat, it’s nice that it does both. Many similar items are just dedicated to only playing DVDs or only playing Blu-Rays, not both. Since this Blu-Ray player does support both, you don’t have to set up and keep up with two separate items.

If you don’t have an expansive DVD or Blu-Ray collection, this device also supports various streaming services such as Netflix. You can use the apps on the home screen to navigate to the various services, and from there you can log in and start watching your favorite online shows or movies.

In order to access these streaming services and online apps, you are going to need a wired internet connection. This device isn’t wireless because it would be complicated to set it up, so it uses a simple and easy wired connection, which plugs straight into your Ethernet ports in your home.

Often times, these connections are much faster than wireless as well, so you’ll get a more stable stream. This Blu-Ray player supports all different kinds of surround sound. This is especially important if you have a home theatre.

You wouldn’t want to spend all that money getting your surround sound system just right only to discover that your Blu-Ray player doesn’t support it. All of the most common forms of surround sound are supported in this device, so you should be covered no matter what.

This player also uses a fantastic feature if you decide to watch DVDs on it. It can upscale them to match the HD quality that you’re used to getting from streaming or from a Blu-Ray, so that your favorite DVDs will look brand new on screen again.

This helps save you the money you would otherwise possibly spend on getting new Blu-Ray versions of all the different movies and shows you have. This would make a great gift for the holiday season or to get for yourself, if you’re building a home theater.

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