Lenovo Flex Laptop


Think convertibility when you’re planning to buy a laptop for someone on your shopping list this holiday season. When you have a laptop that’s adaptable to any of your surroundings, you get one that’s ultra-portable and convenient.

Lenovo’s Flex laptop has a lot of different positions it can transform to, thanks to the flexible, yet sturdy 360 degree hinge. You’ll have the ability to fold the laptop just the way you prefer to use it.

You can stand it up easel style, tilt the screen backward or position it to perform like a tablet. When you use it as a touchscreen, you can use the included Lenovo Active Pen.
Normally, such a versatile hinge would have to come with a laptop that’s clunky and weighs a lot, but this one isn’t built that way.

It barely weighs over 3 pounds. Keeping the weight down is due in part to the lightweight chassis the laptop has. Instead of being designed with heavy metal on the sides and top, this one is made with a plastic coating, which enables it to be lighter than many laptops and that makes it perfectly portable.

It doesn’t skimp on power despite being lightweight. The power behind the laptop is thanks to the AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor. That means you get plenty of ability to handle whatever you’re doing along with quick reaction time to commands.

This enables the laptop to be used for gaming as well as everyday tasks. The laptop also offers plenty of connection features. You’ll have access to an HDMI port as well as a USB port and audio jack.

Plus, the laptop also has USB 3.1 Type-A ports. To turn the device on, it powers up using the button on the side. The only drawback is that it’s easy to push that button if you push your hand into the side while lifting the device.

The laptop supports Bluetooth and also has a pretty decent webcam. The webcam has the ability to handle solid video creation for whatever you’re doing, making it comparable to more expensive laptops.

There are no high-end abilities with the webcam, such as facial recognition, but there is a great safety feature that a lot of users like. Whenever someone doesn’t want the webcam on, they can use the privacy shutter to make sure they’re not accidentally sharing their lives online.

Another great safety feature is that the keyboard has the ability to log users in by fingerprint rather than having to enter a password. The speakers for this model are 2 watts, which equals just over 90 decibels, which means the sound is comparable to people loudly talking. The laptop charges quickly and gives you as much as 10 hours of battery usage.

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