Kent KZ2600 Mountain Bike


Plenty of people around the world every year decide that they’d like to get in shape some more or spend a bit more time outside. Being cooped up indoors all the time isn’t good for you, so you might want to get outside a bit and enjoy nature.

Whether you’re going out on a hiking trail or just around your street, a mountain bike can provide you with a comfortable and stable ride just about anywhere. The Kent KZ2600 is a fantastic introductory mountain bike.

It’s not incredibly expensive, but it is comfortable to ride and comes with an array of features that all contribute to it being a quality choice for just about anyone interested in riding a bike around more often, no matter what they’re interested in doing with it.

This bike is made with an aluminum frame, which helps it be lightweight while still being durable. When you’re having to load it into your car or store it away, you don’t want it to be too heavy because it’ll be a pain to mess with.

However, you also don’t want a material that’s so light and flimsy that it gets damaged easily. Aluminum is both resistant and low-weight, so it makes for a perfect bike material.

One feature of this bike that’s ideal for hilly areas or hiking trails is that it’s a 21-speed bike. This means that it basically has 21 gears that you can shift through depending on your terrain.

It makes things like going uphill easier, and going downhill more controlled so you don’t go too fast. In flat areas this isn’t too important, but if you intend to ride this on sloping streets or steeper trails, it’ll be a lifesaver.

The wheels on the KZ2600 are 26” wheels, and have alloy rims, making for some very strong and durable wheels. Each wheel has 36 spokes in it, giving it plenty of structure, so you don’t have to worry about the wheels getting damaged when running over things like rocks or bumps.

One of the biggest selling points on this bike is its suspension system. It has a floating beam suspension that’s combined with a suspension fork, which makes the ride much smoother than other bikes. It takes off a lot of the harshness of riding over rough or uneven terrain, so that you can continue to ride your bike for hours without becoming severely uncomfortable.

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