iRobot Roomba


There are a lot of gifts that you can give that are meaningful, but none as meaningful as giving the gift of time. When you gift an iRobot Roomba, you give those you care about freedom from doing a mundane chore like vacuuming.

This vacuum is worlds beyond other robotic vacuums. Thanks to the tough suction action, it uses 10x the strength, so that it’s capable of picking up whatever’s on the floor, regardless of whatever type of surface the floor is made of.

One of the features it has is a cleaning system that works using three stages. Because it’s high efficiency, not only will it pick up dirt, but also thick pet hair as well as the dust in your home.

You get to set the Roomba to clean as you like it to clean. You can schedule any or all of your floor cleaning or use Alexa or Google Voice to instruct the device to clean on a moment’s notice.

You can direct it straight to a room and you can do this using your phone if you choose to. A big plus with this machine is that it’s perfect for those who own a lot of pets. With all the shedding that comes along with having a house full of four legged members, the device is able to take care of heavy pet shedding.

If you have multiple pets, the machine will vacuum up the hair and if it gets full, it returns itself to the dock for emptying and then resumes its run. The fact that it has the ability to empty itself is something that sets this vacuum apart.

Not only is it convenient, but it helps to keep your home cleaner, too. With ordinary vacuums that don’t have this self-emptying feature, you’d have to take out the bag, clean out the device and then deal with the dirt and debris from changing out the bag getting on you and on the floor.

The Roomba has the ability to recall what your home’s layout is and it does this by memorizing each of the rooms it vacuums. If you want the machine to stay out of a certain area of the room or even an entire room, you can just set the customization to do that.

The reason this machine can map out your home so well is due to the camera that’s mounted on it. It visualizes the room and identifies a run grid. It notices where your walls are, how your furniture is laid out and more.

You can set up the machine to just start cleaning and it’s intelligent enough to know where you’ve placed it. If something gets in the way and the machine ends up not being able to go around it, it’ll pause. But once you set it to go again, it doesn’t start all over at the beginning. It picks up from the last place it was.

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