Fitbit Charge 4


If you enjoy going on long runs or hikes, or even just going to the gym regularly, a Fitbit can help improve your experience greatly by helping you keep track of important information while also acting as a stylish smart watch.

The latest Fitbit, the Charge 4, has tons of features that fitness enthusiasts will love, making it a must have for any gym goers or runners. The first and most obvious feature of the Charge 4 is that it acts as a sleek, simple watch.

Through the Fitbit app, you can change the watch face to better suit your needs and style. The Charge 4 will track plenty of basic exercise information as a given, such as distance walked each day and steps taken, to give you a good basic idea of your fitness progress.

The Charge 4 also has constant heart rate tracking, which is an important factor in fitness and health. If your resting heart rate is too high, it could be indicative of other problems, and you may have a certain heart rate that you want to achieve during a workout.

If you choose to wear this watch while you sleep, it can give you data on how well you’re sleeping, and if you’re waking up at certain hours. You sleep in stages when you get a full night’s rest, so it can tell you what parts of your sleep cycle need work.

With its week long battery life, you can sleep in it just fine without having to worry about charging it up too frequently. One of the defining features of the Charge 4 is that it has a built in GPS that helps you track your pace and progress through a path or trail.

For outdoor runners and cross country runners, this can be crucial information that would be difficult to track otherwise. It can even tell you which parts of the run were more intense versus which parts were easier.

Of course, this activity tracker does have plenty of connectivity features with your phone. Whether you’re on an Android or an iPhone, this can connect via the Fitbit app and help you stay in touch by showing you your notifications and allowing you to control your music with the touch of a screen. The Fitbit app itself is very useful, and can keep track of things like how much water you’re drinking, whether or not you’re reaching your fitness goals, and so on.

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