Fire HD Plus Tablet


If you’re looking to give someone a tablet this Christmas, one of the top picks is the Fire HD Plus Tablet. With this device, you get a lot of technology for an affordable price. It’s a great gift for kids, teens and adults who want a nice tablet with a lot of entertainment features.

It has an easy to see sharp quality display on the 8 inch HD screen. Plus, you get great audio and the ability to connect with smart devices. The gift is perfect for those who want a tablet that operates fast, is easy to charge and has plenty of storage.

It’s a dual band with plenty of WiFi ability. Plus, you get a lot of storage space. The storage ability on this model has been expanded, so you can get 32 or 64 GB and more if you add a microSD card.

You can get up to 1TB of additional storage if you expand. The quad-core processor is what makes this device deliver the best experience in everything it does for the user. Thanks to the 3 GB RAM, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the internet or streaming entertainment.

It has a powerful battery life that can will last you the entire day, up to 12 hours of continual use, and with wireless charging, there won’t be any lull in what you choose to do.

You can choose books to read from your digital library, you can chat with friends or hear your favorite playlist. When you need to charge the device, it can charge completely in less than 4 hours.

During this time, the device will go into what’s called the Show Mode and this is what enables you to use it with Alexa. This means you can find out what the weather is, pull up an app, or direct Alexa to play a song for you.

You can check your Facebook account, use Instagram, watch Prime Video, Netflix and more. You’ll have access to countless shows or movies along with songs. The device also has a Game Mode that’s popular.

You can also use the tablet to instruct Alexa to call or video call others in your contact list. If you have other smart devices in your home, you can use the tablet to interact with those devices.

If you want to take a look at your budget, get in a workout or do something creative, you can do that with this device. You can do all of this hands free. The device can also be used for video recording using the rear and front facing cameras.

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