BENGOO G9000 Headset


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Everyone who plays games these days, no matter what platform they play on, likely needs some good headphones. Headphones are great because they allow you to really get immersed, and since game audio and music is so advanced now, you really want that full stereo sound experience.

Additionally, many multiplayer games support voice chat, and some people have friends online that they like to chat with. The BENGOO G9000 headset provides a great quality headset at a very reasonable price.

First, this headset is very comfortable. If you’re going to be playing games for hours on end, you don’t want something that’s too tight on your head or is uncomfortable to wear. This headset features over-ear headphones, which have a soft, memory-foam like cover on them.

This gives them a nice, soft, cushiony feel. It also has an adjustable headband, so if you have a bit of a larger head, you can adjust it accordingly. It even has a flexible headband that contours to your head shape, giving you a perfect fit.

One nice part of this headset is its compatibility. It works with just about every platform there is, which is especially nice if you use more than one type of console. For example, if you have a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch, it will work with both of them just the same.

It also works with the Xbox One, PC games, and even smartphones as a pair of headphones. In many games today, communication with friends is key. The microphone on this headset is very good.

It can be adjusted up and down to pick up your voice from any angle, and it uses a built-in noise suppression system to keep out background noise and only focus on your voice.

This means that background conversations and white noise won’t be prevalent. Since more and more games now are supporting surround sound, this headset is a great choice since it supports that feature.

Surround sound is great especially for some competitive games, where you may need to listen keenly for footsteps, or in games where you just want to get immersed. The headset itself is well constructed, and has a strong braided cable. Braided cables hold up much better than others, reducing the chances of damage.

It also has an in-line control switch on the wire that allows you to adjust the volume you’re hearing quickly, as well as a mute button for the microphone in case you need to have a conversation mid-game.

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