Apple MacBook Air


This holiday season, laptops are one of the most desired gifts. You can find a great laptop for a decent price with the Apple MacBook Air. This is a 13 inch, thin, lightweight laptop at just over 5 pounds that not only runs good, but looks good, too.

It delivers a top-notch laptop experience, whatever you’re is doing online, thanks to the high resolution retina display that boasts True Tone technology. With the power of 4 million pixels, that means that you not only see more colors, but that they’re a lot clearer.

This technology relies on sensors that will automatically change the clarity and color of what you see on your screen as well as on the touch bar. This feature is used so that you get true to life images that look smoother for the best viewing experience.

However, you have the option to disable this feature if you desire. The power of the laptop gives a performance that’s two times faster, thanks to the Intel Core i3 processor.
There’s plenty of storage available with this MacBook.

You can have up to 2TB of SSD storage. One of the key features for this model is the new keyboard. It’s designed with a scissor mechanism. This gives the keys better support and makes the keyboard more durable as well as easier to use.

Typing on this kind of keyboard has a more solid feel, but without the clicking noise. This keyboard has a backlight, so it’s easy to see when you’re in a darker room. The laptop also you fingerprint ID, which is called Touch ID.

This is a feature that gives an added level of security for users. Plus, it’s convenient and faster to simply touch the laptop rather than having to type out a password. The laptop has decent stereo speakers that offer more bass and greater volume.

These speakers are good for use with entertainment options and more. The device has a built in three microphone array and an HD camera. It also has two Thunderbolt 3 ports. The reason this is a great feature has to do with connection experience.

They perform like USB-C cables, so that when you charge the device or want to move any data, it’s quicker and easier. This MacBook also has what’s called the Force Touch trackpad. This trackpad has sensors that let you click all over the trackpad for faster use rather than having to click within a specific area. This device also has Bluetooth capability.

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