Acer Gaming Laptop


If there’s one piece of equipment that matters in the gaming world, it’s a gaming laptop. The performance of this can determine how well the games are played and the more powerful the laptop, the better the gaming experience will be.

The Acer Gaming laptop offers affordable quality for even the most serious of gamers. It has a sharp design, and on the lid of the machine, a look that’s both edgy and appealing – thanks to the Predator logo.

The bottom of the laptop is designed so that it doesn’t get too hot to hold. What sets this system apart from others like it on the market has to do with the Nvidia GeForce GTX. You get the power of the new, quicker GDDR6, which translates into better speed and greater memory over previous graphics cards.

Another feature offered by this laptop has to do with the frame rate. The higher this is, the better the greater the quality gamers will see in the games without blurring. You get a high end frame rate experience using this laptop, but without the high end cost.

The refresh rate for the laptop is an impressive 144Hz, which keeps the frames sharp.
The machine has solid, immersive audio that uses MAXX power, so that you can hear the sounds broadcast in your games.

Second to the performance of a gaming laptop is that laptop’s keyboard and Acer doesn’t disappoint in this area, either. It has a 4 Zone RGB keyboard that is backlit. One of the keys is the Turbo option, and what this does is kick on the laptop’s dual fans when you’re pulling more from the graphics.

Because these fans are powerful, when they’re firing, gamers will want to use headphones. Another key on the keyboard that gamers will want to make use of is the PredatorSense key.

This key helps you to create unique game play by adjusting the speed of the fan, your game profiles and more. You’ll find that the keys are quiet and well-spaced and the laptop has a reactive trackpad.

It also has what’s called the Killer DoubleShot, which means that the system will decide what has access to faster networking. It gives more importance to tasks that demand more power from a connection, such as gaming.

The next thing that’s important in a gaming laptop is the power of the battery. Acer has designed this laptop to give more playing time without slowing the frame rate. The amount of time you’ll have is going to depend on the different demands you’re putting on the system. There are plenty of ports for connections. You’ll have use of HDMI 2.0 as well as USB 3.1 ports.

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